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Company history

Foundation of an upholstery and saddlery by master saddler Carl Seipp in Lollar (Hesse)
Opening of the Carl Seipp furniture store in Singen am Hohentwiel
Transfer of the business to his second son Erich
Opening of the first furniture hall in Horheim, District of Waldshut. Three further halls follow in intervals. Closing down in 1976
Opening of show rooms in Waldshut on the first floor of the house in Kaiserstraße 45, above the former Gasthaus Krone
Opening of the furniture store on Conrad-Gröber-Platz, Waldshut
Opening of the furniture store in Tiengen, Schaffhauser Straße 36, with a central high bay warehouse
The management of the two furniture stores in Waldshut and Tiengen is transferred to sons Roland Seipp and Horst Seipp.
Change of the legal form to a limited company
Roland and Horst Seipp are appointed directors. Albert and Claus Seipp receive the power of procuration.
Validation after eco-audit (revalidations 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011)
Company anniversary: 100 years of Seipp
Environmental award of the State of Baden-Württemberg, trade section
Future award of the State of Baden-Württemberg
The management is extended by brothers Albert Seipp and Claus Seipp. Roland Seipp has retired.
Apart from Claus Seipp, Volker Seipp, Jochen Seipp and Martin Seipp are appointed directors.
Albert Seipp retires after 48 years of senority.
After a year of reconstruction store in Waldshut shines in new splendor, with an impressive glass front and a rooftop terrace.

100 years of Seipp

Published on the occasion of the anniversary exhibition "100 years of Seipp. 100 objects. 100 days" in August of 2002.

The Seipp logo


Skizzen Jasper Morrison für Seipp Wohnen

The British designer, Jasper Morrison, is of special importance to Seipp Wohnen. The company owes, inter alia, its corporate identity to this rather coincidental connection.

In 1990, Albert Seipp took part in a workshop of Jasper Morrison at Vitra in Weil am Rhein where both got to know each other. By chance, the designer knew the Seipp furniture store and when he glanced at the business card thought that the logo was outdated.

More about Jasper Morrison

Seipp News // Edition 5

Corporate Design

Signet Seipp Wohnen von 1992

In January of 1992, the two men met again at the Cologne Fair and Jasper Morrison showed Albert Seipp his proposal for the new Seipp logo on his laptop. The round corners and the intensively bright green were ahead of their time. After first internal resistance, the design, which was considered daring, finally prevailed. All of the stationery was created according to the new design.

Subsequently, coincidental and spontaneous encounters occurred frequently and resulted in a very personal relationship.

„It’s Time to change“

Signet Seipp Wohnen von 2007

It was in 2007, that Albert Seipp received an email from Jasper Morrison: "It’s time to change". The proposal was to change the green Seipp logo, which had become known across borders in the meantime, to a new colour, ice-blue. Also in this case, the initial scepticism yielded to enthusiasm. It was the correct decision.